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Photon Reconstruction

BCAL Reconstruction 2013

BCAL Clustering

Photons in b1pi events

FCAL Reconstruction

Kinematic Fitting

Collaboration Meeting Talks

  • October 2013: Efficiency and multiplicity in single-photon events, highlighting problem areas. Efficiency and multiplicity in full event reconstruction (Pythia sample). Distinguishing "good" clusters (i.e. photons) from "bad" clusters (hadronic showers and noise).
  • June 2013: Timewalk corrections. Efficiency and multiplicity in single-photon events. pi0 reconstruction: comparison of KLOE, IU, and modified IU code. Shower curvature (from Regina group). Ratio-of-amplitude method for determining z-position (from Regina group).
  • May 2012: Photons in b1pi events. Both BCAL and FCAL. Distinguishing photons from other clusters.
  • May 2011: Kinematic fitting of b1pi events (HDGeant+full reconstruction).
  • February 2011: Kinematic fit + PWA of b1pi in HDParsim. Kinematic fitting of b1pi with HDGeant+full reconstruction.

Other stuff