Utilizing the MYA Archiver

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MYA Archiver

The archiving of Hall D EPICS variables is done using MYA archiver developed and maintained by the controls group of the JLAB accelerator divisions. At present time CSS and MYA are not integrated and the archived data from MYA cannot be displayed on CSS screens. In order to view the history of an EPICS variables one needs to:

  1. Determine the name(s) of the EPICS variables that one wants to view,
  2. Open the graphical viewer for MYA archiver called MyaViewer by typing at Linux prompt
    |HDOPS> MyaViewer
  3. Select the EPICS variables to be plotted by clicking the Add Signal button. The Hall D specific variables are typically kept in HD_* MYA groups, for instance HD_ST
  4. Setup the axes and traces on MyaViewer to view the history of desired EPICS variables. For instructions how to use MyaViewer please refer to the MyaViwer User's Guide.

One can also have the history of a given EPICS variable or time slice tables be printed on the screen using command line tools like myget, myData, mySampler. There is also a command line tool called myStats that allows to compute and printout the statistics on EPICS channel history stored in the MYA archiver.

For those offsite, possibly out of date documetation is available here: