TOF point efficiency data vs MC

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TOF Efficiency

In order to estimate the efficiency of the TOF charged tracks are used that hit the TOF wall. For such tracks the closed TOF point to the track point is obtained and the distance to this point is recorded as a function of track momentum an in bins of 9cm x 9cm in x and y at the TOF wall. This is done for both DATA and MC:

  1. DATA(left) MC(right) TOF point match to tracks for bin 15/20:
    Below is shown the distribution of dr for track momenta larger than 1GeV/c
    Data dr bin15 20.jpg MC dr bin15 20.jpg
  2. For both DATA and MC the track hit location is binned in 9x9 cm
    Bin 15/20 (x/y) in x and y and shown in the following 2d plots(data/mc):
    The distance of the point tof point from the track hit position vs track momentum.
    Data dr vs trackp.jpg Mc dr vs trackp.jpg
  3. For both DATA and MC the efficiency for finding a tof match is shown in a 2d plot:
    Both distributions look similar with the MC having higher efficiency in the central region.
    Tofeff data run31001.jpg Tofeff data MC.jpg
  4. Comparing DATA with MC is done by calculating the following value (MC-DATA)/MC giving the difference in efficiency between Data and MC:
    Tofeff dataMC comparison.jpg
  5. Next is shown the horizontal projection at 40cm and 4cm from the beam line respectively of the efficiency difference.
    Mc data rel eff at40cmfromhole.jpg Mc data rel eff at0cmfromhole.jpg