Specifying Alternate Versions of Calibration Constants in JANA

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To specify an alternate version of calibration constants from CCDB, use the JANA_CONTEXT environment variable. The value of JANA_CONTEXT is passed to CCDB as a text string. The string may contain

  • variation=<variation_name>
  • calibtime=<time>


JANA_CALIB_CONTEXT="variation=john calibtime=2014-05"

There are many legal forms of the time; any acceptable definition of the MySQL DATETIME type can be used.

JANA_CALIB_CONTEXT can also be set as a command-line option to JANA, for example


Alternate versions can also be specified directly in C++ as an argument to the GetCalib function. The argument is a string of the form </path/to/data>:<run>:<variation>:

loop->GetCalib("FDC/params:::2014-05", containerObject);

rather than the usual

loop->GetCalib("FDC/params", containerObject);