Specification for the two-dipole tagging spectrometer

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Global Tagging Spectrometer Specification

Main beam momentum 12 GeV/c
Momenum range of analyzed electrons 0.5 to 9 GeV/c
Main beam radius 26.685 m
Main beam bending angle 13.4°
Entrance face angle for the first magnet 5.9°
Magnetic field (full excitation) 15.0000 kG
Pole gap 30 mm

Tagger Dipoles

Length3.09 m
Width1.09 m
Height1.41 m
Weight38 Mg
Separation between magnets40 cm
Angle between magnets0.892°

Tagger Dipole Coils

Total number of ampere turns for each magnet61560
Copper conductor dimensions11 x 11 mm2
Copper conductor hollow core7 mm diameter channel
Conductor configuration of each coil7 x 12
Current density at nominal field4.44 A/mm2
Electrical resistance of each coil0.124
Current in conductor366.43 A
Voltage drop across 4 coils connected in series181.7 V
Total power consumption67 kW
Cooling circuits per coil7
Total flow rate for 20◦C rise80 l/min
Water supply pressure drop2.0 atm
Outside dimension of each coil 92 x 152 mm2
Coil treatmentshould be vacuum impregnated

Tagger Quadrupole Magnet

Aperture diameter30 mm
Magnetic length400 mm
Max magnetic field gradient20 T/m
Alignment of magnetic and geometric axes±0.05 mm

Tagger Magnet Power Supply

Power output80 kW
Lead voltage200 V
Current400 A
Current stabilityfew parts per million over 48 hours
Optionszero field using a feed-back loop