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SRC-CT iFarm Directories

Directory Locations

"Working" directory is used for files that will change frequently, and is not backed up:


"Cache" directory is used for long-term storage, and should not be changed frequently. It is backed up:


"Volatile" directory is backed up, but shorter-term storage:


Simulation Results

Simulation results are stored in directories under:


Raw simulation output, in *.dat and *.hddm format, is stored under:


GEANT output includes both "smeared" and unsmeared *.hddm files. "Smeared" files should always be used in reconstruction. These are stored under:


Reconstruction output includes ROOT tree files resulting from reconstruction plugins. These are stored in:


Data Files

ROOT trees from the 1p1pi1pi0 monitoring plugin are stored in:


Monitoring Plots

Other Directories

A common installation of the analysis script repository is installed at:


This installation should not be used for development, but only for producing monitoring histograms and plots. Development should be performed on one's own installation and push to the GitHub repository, and pulled from there to the common installation.

Event Generation and Simulation

Event generation and simulation is managed by Jackson Pybus. If a desired simulation file is not available in the common directories contact him at

For detail on event generation and simulation see:

Hall D SRC-CT Analysis


This is currently a private repository. If you do not have access, contact Jackson Pybus ( and request to be added as a collaborator

How to Compile:

Note that compilation is only necessary for using the resampler to produce simulation. Analysis scripts can be used without compiling.

Navigate to a build directory of your choice (e.g. HallD_SRC-CT_analysis/build)

ccmake [path to]/HallD_SRC-CT_analysis/src


resampler: This program is used to convert ROOT files from our event generators to the ASCII format required by Geant. It serves three functions:

  • Formatting: The output file is in the appropriate ASCII format to be converted to an HDDM file.
  • Resampling: The input ROOT file contains weighted events; by sampling from these events with probabilities according to their weights, the program writes events in the output ASCII file which are unweighted. For this resampling to function properly, the ROOT file must include many more events (factor of ~1000) than the desired ASCII file.
  • Decay: The decay of off-shell or short-lived resonances is performed in this program in order to provide Geant with appropriate particles for propagation.

The usage is:

./resampler <input.root> <output.dat> <# of events in the output file>

The program will also give the "sum of weights of the events" (in nanobarns); in order to convert this to the cross section of sampled events, divide this by the prescribed number of events for the original ROOT file.

Hall D Software

GlueX Software Page


The repository for Hall D reconstruction software is located at:

To install:

git clone

Location of GlueX Data

List of runs:

on ifarms:


Data on tape:

ls /mss/halld/RunPeriod-2019-01/rawdata/

Retrieve file from tape:

jcache get /mss/halld/RunPeriod-2019-01/rawdata/Run_number/*.evio

See list of useful runs