Remote shift concepts

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  • Current Situation in HallD
    • Slow control is EPICS viewed with CSS (control studio system?)
    • Web based epics viewer support
    • vnc server run on gluon47 and gluon48
    • Bluejeans session running on pc box (ubuntu) on the floor, with speakers, mic and webcam.
    • Data monitoring on gluon machines: Monitoring plots, HYDRA, CSS, HOSS, ...
    • HallD ops wiki
  • What do we want remote shift person to do??? (this is the main question and will dictate the requirements)
    1. watch online monitoring plots: rootspy
    2. watch hydra results
    3. watch coherent peak location
    4. ......
    5. ......
  • Based on these shift duties
    • Define hardware/software requirements (onsite/offsite)
    • Write up Shift-Duties/Howto's for remote shift person