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Machine interface Documents

Machine interface document draft 4. Draft sent to machine for comment. ICD_Accelerator-HallD_04.doc

Machine interface document draft 3 ICD_Accelerator-HallD_03.doc

Machine Group Songsheet for the Tagger Hall

The plans by the accelerator are summarized in their song-sheet. It can be found here

Tagger hall songsheet version March 26 2008 File:12GeVSSAcc42 songsheet.tif

Tagger Hall Vacuum System

Tagger hall vacuum layout

Schematic overview of the tagger hall vacuum system

Photon beamline between tagger and West Wall

Sketch of the photon beamline between the tagger magnet and the West wall of the tagger hall. (The magnet needs to be positioned 3.2cm below the beam axis. This means the flanges must be different on the ends of the magnet.)

File:Beamline-BSize Layout.TIF

Collimator Cave

Pictures of the collimator cave

Side View of the collimator cave


Top View of the collimator cave


Upstream region of the collimator cave

Side View CollimatorElevationUpstreamSept08.png

Top View CollimatorTopUpstreamSept08.png

Central area of the collimator cave

Side View CollimatorElevationCentralSept08.png

Top View CollimatorTopCentralSept08.png

Downstream region of the collimator cave

Side View CollimatorElevationDownstreamSept08.png

Top View CollimatorTopDownstreamSept08.png

1st sweeping Magnet

Fermilab Technical Design Handbook

Electron Beam Deflection by Permanent Magnet


Collimator installed

20140703 101851 q.jpg

Older design versions

  • Conceptual design of shielding plan from Connecticut (5/2006)
  • Civil design produced by engineering firm for JLab (10/2007)

Collimator Cave Layout Jul 18, 2008 - July 18, 2008

Collimator Cave Isometric Jul 18, 2008 - July 18, 2008

Construction and Installation Schedules

Installation schedule for the cave extension Cave extension fasttrack file

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