PS Rate Monitor

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  • The online rate monitor allows one to display PSC and PS counter rates computed using fadc and CTP scalers.
  • The monitor can be started in a stand alone mode, i.e., without running DAQ. Trigger and baseline settings
are taken from the default PS/PSC configuration files, which are also used for the DAQ.
  • The monitor can be started from the hdops account using the following command:
  • On the main GUI screen select scalers update time using Update Timer window and press Start button.
  • The coincidence rate between two detector arms for the PS and PSC are displayed in "CTP rate" plots and
also printed in "Coincidence rate" windows. The coincidence rates are also sent to EPICS.
  • The photon energy spectrum computed by CTP in the PS crate is shown in "Photon Energy" window. The spectrum is
not acceptance corrected (the acceptance correction will be applied after PS calibration).
  • To stop the monitor, use
  • In case of problems, try to restart the monitor
Important: don't restart the monitor when DAQ is running with the PS and PSC crates. The monitor server
reinitializes fadc/ctp and can screw up the DAQ at this stage.

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