Mixing Simulated Events

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Goal: Include beam background and detector noise into simulation by mixing a library of background events with physics events


  • Compare simulated beam background with data
    • Need some sort of random trigger
    • Tried PS triggered data
  • Event merging mechanics
    • Update HDDM C++ API so that it can be used for hddm_merge_events
    • Implement hit merging after mixing
      • Do this in hddm_merge_events?
    • mixing with HDDM vs. EVIO formats
      • Data is in EVIO format
      • Could add class to write out events in hddm::s format, similar to danarest/DEventWriterREST
    • Do we only merge full events, or do we mix hits from several events?
  • Event library management
    • how much disk space per event is used? what is the total disk footprint needed?
    • where should event library be stored?
    • Mixing random trigger events works when trying to simulate events with the conditions for a given run. What do we do when we want to simulate conditions for which we don't have data yet (e.g. high-intensity running)?
    • Keep reminding Somov to implement in- and out-of-time random triggers