Microscope Readout Cable Lengths and Routes

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Calculations were made using drawings of the tagger hall to determine how far the TAGM and its cables will reach along the focal plane.

It was determined that, depending on which splitter in the TAGM rack is used, the cables will reach between 127 - 147 +/- 8 inches in either direction along the vacuum chamber in the focal plane. This only applies if the pivot is made from position E as seen in Cable Calculations. This has lead us to conclude that it would be more advantageous to go into the TAGM lower enclosure cable tray via the upstream side.

The necessary reach at the focal plane in either direction for our purposes (e.g. rare eta decay experiment) was determined to be 109.5 inches. If the pivot is not made at position E, as seen in the Cable Calculations, the length will not be sufficient, since the cables would only reach as far as 94 inches in either direction along the focal plane.

If the cables are not allowed to pivot at point E, and instead are strung directly from point F, the cables will only reach the desired length if the top most splitter in the rack is used. If the pivot is made at point F, any splitter in the TAGM rack can be used with the cables reaching the desired position in the focal plane.

Drawings Used for Calculations

Spreadsheet of Calculations