Microscope Fabrication Readiness Review

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Date and Time

February 7, 2013

Video Connection information if needed

JLab Conference Room L102

  • ESNET and EVO session
  • Phone only if requested:
    • +1-866-740-1260 : US
    • access code: 3421244# (remember the "#"). Phone line by request only.



  • Richard Jones (Professor of Physics)
  • James McIntyre (graduate student)
  • Alex Barnes (graduate student)
  • Brendan Pratt (graduate student)
  • Ann Marie Carroll (lab technician)
  • Jonathan Kulakofsky (undergraduate student)


  • Fernando Barbosa (Hall D eletrical engineer)
  • Eugene Chudakov (Hall D group leader)
  • Hovanes Egiyan (Hall D Staff)
  • Bruce Lenzer (JLab ESH&Q)
  • Elton Smith (Hall D Staff)
  • Alexander Somov (Hall D Staff, SOTR)
  • Timothy Whitlatch (Hall D engineer)
  • Igor Senderovich (ASU postdoc, formerly in UConn group)
  • Jarrod Fitzpatrick (CFO)

Topics/Issues that need discussion/resolution

Documents on the Microscope Construction

Meeting Agenda

  • 9:00 Tour of the Construction Facilities (UConn).
  • 10:00 Project Overview
    • Scope of contract and current review
    • Status of construction
  • 10:30 Technical Documents Review. Topics to be covered in going through the documents include the following.
    • Final Construction Plan and Facilities
    • Testing procedures
    • Quality Assurance Plans and Acceptance Test Plans
    • Documentation and Travelers
    • Personnel training
    • Schedule and Tracking
  • 1:00 Video meeting with Jlab and UConn Financial people.
    • Billing and Reporting
  • 2:00 Continue Document Review (if needed).
  • 2:30 Closeout
  • 3:00 Adjourn

Microscope Information

Contract Related Documents

(use gluex account to access files)

Construction Plan

Quality Assurance and Acceptance Test Plan

Specification of the Microscope Detector and Readout Electronics

Specification of the Active Collimator and Electronics

Milestones for the Microscope Detector

Milestones for the Active Collimator

Technical Review Report

Readiness Review Summary and Notes

(use gluex account to access files)

Readiness Review Summary

QA Checklist