Making GitHub Topic Branches

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Sometimes it's desirable to work on a branch split from an a point previous to the current state of a branch, while including a subset of the changes subsequent to the split point.

This page describes how to setup such a branch. As an example, a branch for working on the mcsmear program from the first reconstruction launch over the spring 2017 data is shown.

git checkout recon-2017_01-ver01-batch01                ## move to the desired parent branch
git checkout -b recon-2017_01-ver01-batch01-mcsmear     ## create the topic branch

There are a couple of ways to find which commits to move over:

  1. You can look on the GitHub webpage for useful info about your branch. For example, if you are starting from a tag, there is a link on the associated page, e.g.:
  2. Look for changes in a particular directory, e.g.: git log $HALLD_HOME/src/programs/Simulation/mcsmear

Then you can use the command "git cherry-pick" to apply particular commits to this branch. Note that this command only works when you don't have any uncommited changes, so make sure you commit or stash all changes before running this command.


git cherry-pick 1c6c71bb8a4d51eb010b04b0028752754a884781   ## memory usage fixes
git cherry-pick 2777a013946205b4f89c84624239b4ed7efb35db   ## change BCAL attenuation length in mcsmear