MC Event Files

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  1. MC files from Andrew
    • Use the new file structure (see David, below)
    • Files generated for 6 GeV coherent peak
    • /work/halld/CPP/MC/generated/BHgen_muons/2022.2.10.acschick/
    • /work/halld/CPP/MC/generated/RBHG_electrons/2022.5.31.acschick
  2. MC files from Elton
  3. Compilation from David. See Log Entry Comment 3971001. We may wish to make this the standard location for files
    • This is part of an attempt to create a central repository of generated events that we can use for geometry/simulation. Particularly to check for changes as the simulation is modified. Andrew and I started to set this up last summer and today I copied several files there so that we have generated events files for pip, mumu, and e+e- events:
    • /work/halld/CPP/MC/generated/gen_2pi_primakoff
    • /work/halld/CPP/MC/generated/BHgen_muons
    • /work/halld/CPP/MC/generated/BHgen_electron_positron
    • Some files with EM background (BGGATE= -200 to +200 ; BGRATE=0.009155410):
      • π+π- : /work/halld3/home/davidl/2022.03.29.CPP_hdgeant4/farm_mcwrapper/output_files_pipi/
        • (used /work/halld/CPP/MC/generated/gen_2pi_primakoff2022.01.16/davidl/gen_2pi_primakoff_071728_000.hddm)
      • μ+μ- : /work/halld3/home/davidl/2022.03.29.CPP_hdgeant4/farm_mcwrapper/output_files_mumu/
        • (used /work/halld/CPP/MC/generated/BHgen_muons/2022.02.10.acschick/BHgen_CPPmuon_para_s5r10_100k_0.hddm)
  4. MC of 2pi0 events
    • See Log Entry 3993010.
    • /work/halld/CPP/MC/generated/gen_2pi0_primakoff/2022.05.04.elton