JEF meeting, August 6, 2021

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Meeting time and location= 9:00 am EST (JLab time) Bluejeans only

Connection instructions

We are using BlueJeans Video/Audio conferencing. Our meeting ID number is 992533564. Click "Expand" for more details.

  • Make sure you have created a BlueJeans account via your JLab CUE account using this link:
  • If connecting via Web Browser: click this link (no passcode is needed):
  • If connecting via Phone: Dial one of the following numbers and then enter the meeting ID above and hit "#" or "##"
  • If connecting via Polycom unit:
    • Dial or
    • Enter meeting ID above


  • SICCAS crystals
  • Module fabrication
  • COMCAL tests, TAC running, etc.
  • Data analysis
  • Simulations
  1. TMVA update


Attendees: Bill, Arshak, Varun, Igal, Azizah, Susan, Sasha, Liping, Jon, Jane, Phil

  • No significant update regarding new batch of SICCAS crystals
  • Joanna still working on wrapping crystals
  • COMCAL refurbishment continues
    • Sasha found a couple of problematic channels, now fixed
    • Still working on light uniformity from fiber bundles
    • Move to hall next week?
  • Azizah working on comparisons between FCAL/FCAL-II and Isand/Default algorithms
    • Looking at two 1 GeV clusters separated by a small angle
    • Interesting features show up for clusters near the transition between the insert and the regular FCAL blocks
  • Igal gave update of work with Chase using TMVA for γp→4γp
    • Require all photons in FCAL
      • 3σ cut for identifying one π0, 5σ veto for a second π0
      • 2017 data set shows no signal for η→π0γγ
    • Simulations for training/testing TMVA
      • 50M background events (no η→π0γγ, no η→e+e-π0)
      • 1M η→&pi0;γγ events
      • 50M with all decays for testing
      • Found non-negligible η→2γ background