JEF meeting, April 8, 2022

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Meeting time and location

  • 9:30 am EST (JLab time) remote only
  • Zoom meeting ID: 161 050 9142 Passcode: 004965


  • Preparation for mass production of FCAL2 modules -- Sasha
    • Getting summer students involved in the project. Vaccinated students will be permitted to the lab according to the communication with Brian Hanlon (still to be checked). Not a problem to get 5 - 6 students involved (List of possible tasks).
    • 60 CRYTUR crystals have been received (and accepted)
    • 91 + 40 = 131 SICCAS crystals were moved from the NPS lab[1]. 40 of them have been checked/tested before. Crystals have to be inventorized.
    • Chris continues brazing brass straps. Some minor issues with brazing the front flange [2]. Selected bad more than 20 assemblies [3] (can be fixed). Revisited the brazing procedure with Tim and Chris. Chris was sick for a couple of days, some backlog in module fabrication.
    • DSG: more than 600 ESR foils have been preshaped, more than 150 crystals have been wrapped.
    • Production of Silicon cookies at the GWU [4]. See Olga's report. Contract with the GWU is under preparation.
    • Igal: continues wrapping mu-metal foils and ESR
    • Procurement of spare PMTs: no price increase [5] (hopefully can order 100 tubes).
    • GW "clean room" working and producing silicone cookies. Produced ~200 cookies.
  • Module fabrication -- Sasha
  • Meeting with Tim's group and Fernando regarding FCAL2 insert cables -- Sasha
  • Light Monitoring System -- Arshak
    • The 80x45cm piece of plexiglass is ready, got from machine shop end of the Thursday. 1st needs some polishing work on the edges, then planning to start studies for light uniformity tests in upcoming week.
    • The order for integrating sphere is sent to procurement dept. for approval (price-2250$)
  • COMCAL tests, TAC running, etc. -- Sasha
    • Refurbishing FCAL lead glass modules: modules from the FCAL prototype [6] [7]


Attendees: Sasha, Bill, Tegan, Igal, Olga, Arshak, Zisis, Jon, Jane, Phil, Susan, S.T.

  • Module fabrication continues, now up to 270
    • Student help during summer is now allowed
      • Sasha has identified several potential tasks
      • Registration at least 7 days in advance is required
      • Lab can provide financial support for lodging and per diem
  • New Crytur crystals look good
  • 91 of 131 crystal transferred from NPS were replacements and still need to be checked
  • Disassembly of small lead glass array prototype revealed a few issues with the aluminized mylar wrapping
    • Scratches/tears: can be fixed with tape
    • Also saw wrinkles
    • Idea is to learn what might need to be done after taking apart FCAL in preparation for building FCAL2
      • Need to work on procedure and manpower estimate for refurbishment
  • Tungsten absorber (in front of inner "ring" of crystals near beam line) shape fixed -- expect only use single piece
  • Susan brought up possibility of proposing a meson workshop for ECT* 2023
    • Deadline May 20
  • Igal gave an update on η→π0γγ analysis.
    • Used latest version of island algorithm -- no improvement seen
    • Also presented impact of TOF and BCAL vetoes
      • TOF veto greatly reduces η→γγ peaking background but also reduces signal by a factor of 2.5
      • BCAL veto impacts background due to η→3π0
      • Need to study efficiencies of these vetoes (Arshak working on TOF veto)
      • Need to assess systematic errors