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Letters of Intent


  • Precision tests of fundamental physics with η and η′ mesons. Liping Gan, Bastian Kubis, Emilie Passemar, Sean Tulin, arXiv
  • Photoproduction of leptophobic bosons. Cristiano Fanelli and Mike Williams. arXiv


  • JEF Construction Update (February 18, 2021), Sasha Somov, GlueX-doc-4934
  • The JEF Experiment (for Snowmass Town Hall Meeting Oct 2, 2020), Liping Gan, GlueX-doc-4685.
  • GlueX-II and JEF: PAC 48 Jeopardy (September 25, 2021), Matt Shepherd, GlueX-doc-4667
  • The JLab Eta Factory (JEF) Experiment - SnowMass LOI, Liping Gan et al., GlueX-doc-4637.
  • An update on the GlueX II and Jefferson Lab Eta Factory experiments (for PAC48 Jeopardy), Liping Gan et al., GlueX-doc-4524.