Inspection with an optical microscope

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  1. All features that appeared in lines are in the direction of the straw winding.
  2. Microscope has a light source underneath the sample

Stone kapton straw

Stone kapton straw that was never used.
Stone kapton straw that was irradiated.
Stone kapton straw, used for 3 years.

Although it appears the the straw that was irradiated shows more holes - It appears to me that it depends more on the piece of straw (chance) than irradiation (as this effect is not seen in the Lamina-thin straw).

Lamina thin straw

Lamina-thin straw that was never used.
Lamina thin straw that was irradiated.

No extra holes after irradiation are observed.

Lamina Thick straw

Lamina-thick straw that was never used.
Lamina thick straw that was irradiated.

The straw is not transparent for light. The same results were obtained with light (underneath the sample) on/off.


  1. No more holes are observed after irradiation
  2. The Stone kapton straw is full of scratches and holes in general