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Run conditions (e.g. beam current, radiator) are stored in Run Conditions Data Base (RCDB). This sofware package is documented in RCDB on github. Its implementation in GlueX can be accessed through a web interface with more documentation therein. (Naomi)


Calibrations and other parameters used in reconstruction/analysis are stored in Calibration Constants Data Base (CCDB) documented in CCDB on github. The application for GlueX can be accessed though a web interface that also provides links to more documentation. (Naomi & Sean)


Hall-D Online Skim System records data for individual raw data files HOSS (e.g. number of events per file, number of each trigger type, ... n.b. only for 2020 and later Run Periods) (David)


The translation table TTAB is a database identifying the readout electronics used for each detector element. It has a visual browser. It can be downloaded in its XML form from the CCDB table DAQ2detector

Other tables, archives, etc


Experimental Physics and Industrial Control System (EPICS) is used to control the detector and record measurements from sensors in and around the detector.

EPICS data can be accessed from anywhere using the wave GUI and on the gluons using the tools myStats and myaViewer and the python API

Hall D Geometry

The Detector Geometry is needed for real data and MC data reconstruction. It is described in xml format and can be translated into other formats.

Materials table

These are stored in the ccdb. Plots of the average density, A, and Z of the material as a function of r and z can be obtained using material2root

Magnetic field maps

These are stored in ccdb. bfield2root can be used to make a root tree of the magnetic field at locations in and around the detector volume.