HOWTO get started with the RootSpy GUI software

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This tutorial will show you the steps that are necessary to get the RootSpy GUI up and running.

Note: Make sure that you have the Hall-D drive mounted and the Hall-D software installed on your computer. You will need this to run the reconstruction programs that are necessary for the RootSpy GUI to have histograms to view.

The basic steps to running the RootSpy GUI are as follows:

  1. Retrieving and compiling the RootSpy GUI source code
  2. Running a Hall-D DANA-based reconstruction program.

Retrieving and Compiling the RootSpy GUI Source Code

Checking Out the Code

  1. Check your system to make sure that you are running subversion
  2. To check out the code from the svn repository enter:
svn co

Setting Up the Environment

The environment variables necessary to compile and run the RootSpy GUI are as follows:


Example: Suppose you checked out the RootSpy software into {$HOME}. Then the previous variables would be set to the following:

  • ROOTSPY {$HOME}/RootSpy
  • CMSGROOT: Will be set to the location of the cMsgServer software on your computer

Note: You may also want to set your PATH variable to {$ROOTSPY}/bin so you don't have to type in the full path name to run the RootSpy program every time.

Compiling the Code

In your RootSpy directory you must run the configure file by entering the following into the command line:

./configure --prefix=$HOME/RootSpy

Once the configure file has been ran you can run the make files by entering the following command in your RootSpy directory:

make install

You can now use the RootSpy GUI but before you start up the program you must start the cMsgServer by entering the following:


a message should be printed to the terminal stating that the cMsgServer was succesfully started.

Now start the RootSpy GUI by entering:


Once the GUI is started it needs data from histogram producer(s) to interpret and display.

Running a Hall-D DANA-Based Reconstruction Program

Refer to the section "Running HDGEANT" on the page HOWTO get started with Hall-D Software