HOWTO Access Engineering Drawings at JLab

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  1. Go to
  2. Log in using JLab CUE username/password
  3. Click on "Document Control Group"
  4. Click on "JLab Drawings"
  5. In the upper right-hand corner, click on "Search"
  6. In the search form, enter the document number, but omit the first two dashes
    e.g. for document "D00000-01-07-1021" enter "D000000107-1021"
    • Note: You can enter partial document numbers as well and all matches will be displayed
    • Hall-D documents all start with "D00000-"
    • A master list of Hall-D related document numbers can be found in an Excel spreadsheet on the Hall-D engineering work disk. From a CUE Linux machine, it is:
      /group/halld_engineering/DRAWING NUMBER LIST/HALL D MASTERLIST.xlsx
    • Some useful drawing number categories (Note: in the search do not include the first two dashes):
      • D00000-01-01 Start Counter
      • D00000-01-02 CDC
      • D00000-01-03 FDC
      • D00000-01-05 TOF
      • D00000-01-06 FCAL
      • D00000-01-07 Barrel Calorimeter
      • D00000-01-08 DIRC
      • D00000-02 Beamline
      • D00000-03 Target
      • D00000-04 Magnet
      • D00000-05 Support Structure
      • D00000-06 Shielding
      • D00000-07 Fixtures
      • D00000-06 Cryogenic
      • D00000-15 Civil
      • D00000-15 Pair Spectrometer
      • D00000-19 Photon Tagger

Several other categories exist that are not listed above. Please consult the indicated spreadsheet for details.