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Name Date Repository Location[1] Release Notes Comments
hdds-3.11 June 2, 2017 JeffersonLab/hdds/tree/3.11 Release HDDS 3.11 Updated target and start counter coordinates from Fall 2016 survey.
hdds-3.10 March 22, 2017 JeffersonLab/hdds/tree/3.10 Release HDDS 3.10 Contains script to convert HDDS files to CCDB.
hdds-3.9 January 17, 2017 JeffersonLab/hdds/tree/3.9 Release HDDS 3.9 work on the DIRC, HDGeant4-motivated work.
hdds-3.8 November 15, 2016 JeffersonLab/hdds/tree/3.8 Release HDDS 3.8 Same as recon-2016_02-ver03.
hdds-3.7 October 3, 2016 JeffersonLab/hdds/tree/3.7 Release HDDS 3.7 Changes in CDC/FDC alignment.
hdds-3.6 June 2, 2016 JeffersonLab/hdds/tree/3.6 Release HDDS 3.6 After corrections from Simon in preparation for reconstruction launch.
hdds-3.5 February 8, 2016 JeffersonLab/hdds/tree/3.5 Release HDDS 3.5 Plastic test target removed from downstream of the start counter.
hdds-3.4 October 18, 2015 JeffersonLab/hdds/tree/3.4 Release HDDS 3.4 Change the way that the null magnetic field is applied in the BCAL to make it more like the way it is applied in the FCAL and elsewhere in the geometry.
hdds-3.3 July 24, 2015 JeffersonLab/hdds/tree/3.3 Release HDDS 3.3 Tagged after Richard's changes to CDC endplate geometry.
hdds-commissioning-1.0 June 12, 2015 tags/hdds-commissioning-1.0 release_notes.txt From revision 18741 of ^branches/hdds-commissioning. To be used for analysis of Fall 2014 detector configuration.
hdds-3.2 May 28, 2015 tags/hdds-3.2 release_notes.txt From revision 18553 of trunk. Used for simulation of Spring 2015 data and for Data Challenge 3.
hdds-3.1 April 29, 2015 tags/hdds-3.1 release_notes.txt From revision 18204 of trunk. Changes merged in from commissioning branch.
hdds-3.0 September 25, 2014 tags/hdds-3.0 release_notes.txt From revision 15371 of trunk. First tagged version that can be built with SCons.
hdds-2.1 June 30, 2014 tags/hdds-2.1 release_notes.txt From revision 13999 of trunk. Incorporates changes to TOF, CDC, and BCAL geometry.
hdds-2.0 October 3, 2013 tags/hdds-2.0 release_notes.txt From revision 11663 of trunk. Incorporates changes from Richard Jones to eliminate overlaps in preparation for use with Geant4.
hdds-1.5 January 17, 2013 tags/hdds-1.5 release_notes.txt From revision 10267 of trunk. Changes to CDC, material list, start counter, solenoid, and BCAL to fix inconsistencies and correct CDC stereo/axial scheme.
hdds-1.4 November 16, 2012 tags/hdds-1.4 from revision 9982, compatible with xerces 3.x
hdds-1.3 May 18, 2012 tags/hdds-1.3 from revision 9127, start counter with 30 sectors
hdds-1.2 July 31, 2011 tags/hdds-1.2 release_notes.txt from revision 8108, Collimater cave, Pair Spectrometer, BCAL aluminum plate thickness, BCAL/CDC cable overlap removed
hdds-1.1 November 19, 2010 tags/hdds-1.1 release_notes.txt CDC straw adjustments, Compton calorimeter added, BCAL changes to accomodate new smearing scheme.
hdds-1.0 January 21, 2010 tags/hdds-1.0 First tagged version after migration from src tree.

  1. To get a valid subversion location you must add a prefix to this string. The standard prefix is "https://halldsvn.jlab.org/repos/".