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  • Help students and new collaborators get started with the technical steps necessary for a physics analysis
  • All tutorials should be explained on the basis on a fictitious analysis of the channel γp→ωp

Location and Time

The workshop will take place at:

DATES: June 20, 2018



Workshop Software

The official software and all scripts used during the tutorial can be found on the JLab CUE:


To obtain your own version of the tutorial and complete the exercises, please clone it from GitHub in your own working area.


Please add your name to the list of attendees below. No formal registration or registration fee is required.

Name Home Institution Level Participate at JLab
Alex Austregesilo Jefferson Lab PostDoc Yes
Colin Gleason Indiana PostDoc Yes
Sebastian Cole ASU Grad. Student Yes
Yunjie Yang MIT grad student Yes
Will McGinley CMU grad student Yes
Hao Li CMU grad student Yes
Abdennacer Hamdi Goethe Frankfurt Uni/GSI grad student No
Peter Pauli Glasgow Uni grad student No
Amy Schertz W&M grad student Yes
Nilanga Wickramaarachchi ODU grad student Yes
Andrew Hurley W&M grad student yes
Ahmed Foda U of Regina Grad. Student No
Daniel Zile CMU Grad. Student Yes
Naomi Jarvis CMU postdoc Yes
Reinhard Schumacher CMU Professor Yes
Georgios Vasileiadis University of Athens Grad. Student No
Thomas Britton Jefferson Lab PostDoc Yes
Mahmoud Kamel FIU Grad. Student No
Joerg Reinhold FIU Professor Yes
Jason Barlow FSU Grad. Student No
Edmundo S. Barriga FSU Grad. Student No
Angelica Goncalves FSU Grad. Student No
Andrew Schick UMass Amherst Grad. Student Yes
Tolga Erbora FIU Grad. Student Yes
Churamani Paudel FIU Grad. Student Yes
Luke Robison Northwestern Grad. Student No
Mike McCracken CMU No
Jorge Rodriguez FIU Professor Yes
Mark Ito JLab Staff Yes
Justin Stevens W&M Professor Yes
Wenliang (Bill) Li W&M PostDoc Yes
Greg Kalicy CUA Professor Yes
Zisis Papandreou U of Regina Professor no
Dhillon Ross U of Regina Undergraduate no
James Giroux U of Regina Undergraduate no

Remote Participation

  1. To join via a Web Browser, go to the page [1]
  2. More information on connecting to bluejeans is available.

Previous GlueX Tutorials

  • It is not necessary to have gone through the 2013/2016 workshop talks, but you will probably benefit if you do.

Agenda: Wednesday June 20, 2018


  • Links to video recordings hosted on YouTube are given in the agenda above.
  • A video recording of this workshop can be found on the JLab CUE in: /cache/halld/workshops/physics_workshop_2018/recordings
  • If the files are not in that directory, they can be retrieved from tape with the following command: jcache get /mss/halld/workshops/physics_workshop_2018/recordings/*


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