GlueX TOF Meeting, March 3, 2015

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GlueX Time-of-Flight Meeting
Tuesday, March 3, 2015
11:00 am EST
JLab: CEBAF Center F326/327


  1. Announcements
  2. Review of minutes from February 24
  3. Calibration Status
TOF/SC beta v. p (positive tracks)
TOF/SC beta v. p (negative tracks)
  1. Preparations for Spring Run



Talks can be deposited in the directory /group/halld/www/halldweb/html/talks/2015 on the JLab CUE. This directory is accessible from the web at .



  • FSU: Hussein Al Ghoul, Paul Eugenio, Sasha Ostrovidov, Aristeidis Tsaris
  • JLab: Mark Ito (chair)

Review of minutes from February 24

We went over the minutes.

  • We discussed changing the pedestal level in the FADCs to 100. We thought that that would be a good idea just to be consistent with the rest of the detectors.
  • Paul reminded us that we should be keeping track of all significant actions involving the TOF in the TOF electronic logbooks. He also re-raised the issue of having log entries automatically emailed to a list, perhaps Mark volunteered to ask about such a capability.


Sean showed some plots showing time-of-flight between the start counter and the TOF. Bands due to different particles are not particularly visible. He emphasized the need for calibration constants for timing, even preliminary ones.

Sasha is continuing to work on the calibration with beam data. He has a calibration based on cosmics that is nearly ready for use. He will put it in the CCDB sometime in the next two or three days.

For the beam data, he is having trouble with getting constants for hits at the edges of the array.

Run Preparation

  • We looked at the Hot Check-Out list. Sasha pointed out that we should also be checking the discriminator scalers.
  • FSU will turn on detectors and start their check-out procedure starting this afternoon. Mark will inform Alexandre Deur of these plans.