GlueX TOF Meeting, July 15, 2020

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GlueX Time-of-Flight Meeting
Wednesday, July 15, 2020
10:00 am EDT
BlueJeans: 350 531 998


  1. Announcements
  2. Review of minutes from the last meeting
  3. Run Readiness
  4. Calibration
  5. TOF NIM paper
  6. Action Item Recap


Talks can be deposited in the directory /group/halld/www/halldweb/html/talks/2020 on the JLab CUE. This directory is accessible from the web at .


Present: Mark Ito (chair), Sasha Ostrovidov, Susan Schadmand, Simon Taylor, Beni Zihlmann

Review of minutes from the last meeting

We went over the minutes from the July 1st meeting.

  • Sasha has finished testing all of the 23 new PMTs. Recall that there is one problematic tube.
  • Both of the issues on energy agreement between Monte Carlo and data on the GitHub repositories (one in halld_sim, one in hdgeant4) have been closed.

Run Readiness

Beni showed plots of ADC pedestals, pulse amplitudes, pulse integrals, and time spectra for all TOF channels from a recent cosmic run. The pedestals had already been adjusted by hand to the four problem channels near the nominal 100 counts. There is a clear channel in a board (16 channels) visible both in the pulse integral and timing plots. Sascha Somov plans to replace that ADC today.

Tof pedestal cosmicrun72521.png Tof signalAmplitude cosmicrun72521.png
Tof signalIntegral cosmicrun72521.png Tof adcTiming cosmicrun72521.png

TOF NIM paper

We decided to set a deadline of September 1 for a review-able draft of the paper.

Action Item Recap

  1. Decide on when to ship PMTs to JLab from FSU (Mark, Paul Eugenio)
  2. Prepare a complete draft of the TOF NIM paper. (all)