GlueX TOF Meeting, January 31, 2013

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GlueX TOF Meeting
Thursday, January 31, 2013
10:00 am EST
JLab: CEBAF Center, F326/327


  1. Announcements
  2. Review of last TOF bi-weekly meeting
  3. Collaboration Meeting
    • Friday February 22, 2013
    • 13:30 Session IVa (75) --- TOF and PID - (Organizer: M. Ito)
  4. Construction status
  5. Contract status


  1. MiniTOF
  2. TOF Gluing Fixture
  3. PMT testing



  1. ESNet: 8542553
  2. EVO: SeeVogh site


Talks can be deposited in the directory /group/halld/www/halldweb/html/talks/2013-1Q on the JLab CUE. This directory is accessible from the web at .



  • FSU: Sasha Ostrovidov
  • JLab: Eugene Chudakov, Chuck Hutton, Mark Ito (chair), Tim Whitlatch, Beni Zihlmann

Mini-TOF Construction

Module assembly should start today.

There was an issue bolting the mini-TOF structure to the floor, but that has been solved.

Light Guide Production

Two students are now working on polishing light guides. Along with improvements in the procedure the rate of progress has doubles recently.

PMT Testing

  • All 194 PMTs have been received from Hamamatsu.
  • 160 have been tested, with single photoelectron peaks observed from an LED source.
  • 130 have been tested with the "americium source".
  • About 100 of them have been tested with the "cesium iodide source". Two of the tubes show strange spectra.
  • LED testing should be done in a couple of weeks.
  • All testing should be complete in three to four weeks.

Scintillator Testing

The first article scintillators have been tested using a UV LED. Attenuation lengths have been measured for all six counters: 2 standard, 2 half-width, and 2 half-length. See Sasha's wiki page (standard GlueX username and password) for an explanation of the procedure, plots, and results (click through to the counter-by-counter pages). The standard and half-length counters have a measured attenuation length of about 155 cm and the half-width counters give about 90 cm, with consistency among each of these two groups. Sascha noted that the bulk attenuation length is supposed to be 260 cm, so these results seem reasonable.

Collaboration Meeting

Both Paul and Sasha will be coming up from FSU for the meeting.

Readiness Review

We are aiming for late February or early March. Beni, Chuck, and Bruce Lenzer will travel to Tallahassee. Mark, Eugene, and Tim will participate via video conference.