Feb 24

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   FCAL noise issue understood, will not affect comissioning
   Mark gave us JANA plugin to put data into Root tree (working great)
   Alex and Sergey got external trigger signal into DAQ (working great)
   Crate 0 on N side not working properly (most channels do not readout), will investigate later today
   S6 crates will return to FCAL Group
   Discussion on calibration events in main running - will signal come from 1495 or global trigger crate?
   Elton will talk to Ben to learn the details of the 1495 input/output
   FCAL group will study pedestal mean/width over longer times (days) with HV on

Data Update [1]



   1. Base pulser – electronics chain
   2. Simple LED pulser – pmts whole
   3. Cosmics – look for physics, self-trigger
   4. Complete LED Monitoring System