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PMT specifications

see also NIM A332(1993)419-443

  • The PMT are russian made 12-Stage tubes of the type FEU-84-3 with a 30mm diameter SbNa-KCs cathode
  • Maximum gain 2.4*10^5
  • Entrance window Borosilicate glass
    • SiO2, B2O2, Na2O, K2O, AlO
    • Fractional weight:
      • B=0.040064, O=0.539562, Na=0.028191, Al=0.011644, Si=0.377220, K=0.003321
    • Density = 2.23 g/cm³
    • refractive indices (1.51–1.54 across the visible range)
  • The tube outer diameter is 1.339" or 34.01mm and are about 100mm long (without the pins)
  • The current desing of the base has an outer diameter of 1.5" or 38.1mm with an length of about 157mm including the PMT-connector ring and the aluminum end cap.
  • The quantum efficiency is about 21% with a sigma of 3%
    Qe feu843.jpg
  • The peak sensitivity is around 400nm
  • The PMT base will be a Cockroft-Walton based design. Its temperature sensitivity have been investigated [PDF document]