CPP-NPP Tagger Microscope

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  1. Description of move
  2. Schematics of the microscope move (Elton)
  3. Energy assignment
    • GlueX: We have a total of 102 microscope channels covering the energy range from 8.2 - 9.2 GeV for a 12 GeV beam. (The energy numbers need to be scaled for other electron beam energies).
    • CPP: We only have 96 microscope channels (last bundle of 6 does not fit), covering the energy range of 4.7 - 6.2 GeV for a 12 GeV beam. I assume that the software will retain 102 channels but the last channels should never show hits.
    • The hodoscope counter numbers in the array closest to the focal plane (x=-8 cm) are 222 (E=6.179 GeV) and 246 (E=4.738 GeV).
    • Scaled energy rage in CCDB entry for microscope.
    • Scaled energy range in CCDB entry for hodoscope.