CPP-NPP Experimental Controls

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CPP requirements

Power HV/LV

  • HV for muon chambers: 6 HV channels for the 6 wire chambers (+1765V nominal)
    • Use CAEN HV SY4527 Chassis, A1550P (positive) voltage with a converter box for 1 Radiall multi-pin -> 6 SHV connectors
    • Location is D2-8-MID
  • LV for muon chambers: 12 times +5V and 12 times -5V (nominal current 1 A x two sides x two voltages +/- 5V -> 4 A/ MWPC).
    • Require 1 MPV8008L module/2 MWPC -> 3 MPV8008L modules total.
    • Location of LV is D2-5-MID
  • HV for 4 scintillator paddles: 8 HV channels for PMTs (-1800V nominal)
    • Use CAEN HV SY4527 Chassis and 8 SHV connectors from one A1535N (negative) voltage.
    • Location is D2-8-MID

Chamber Gas

  • Ar/CO2 (90%/10%) premixed in bottles
  • gas line from gas shed to downstream platform
  • gas manifold on downstream platform
  • gas flow control though manual rota-meter (flow meter): nominal flow 0.3 l/min (5 cc/s)
  • gas flow exhaust protected with oil bubblers

Chamber cooling

  • under discussion, potentially with dry nitrogen
  • no sensory foreseen, neither for flow nor for temperature.

DAQ readout

  • CDC VXS crate \#1 is used with all fADC125s, moved to downstream platform
    • needs new ROC (never used before in Gluex == new/unknown to GlueX mac/ip address)
    • needs 2 Ethernet connections one for the fan-tray (slow control network) one for the ROC (DAQ network)
    • needs 1 fiber optics connection to TI.
    • Location is D2-0-MID. Require 2 FADC125 modules/MWPC -> total of 12 FADC125 modules
  • One fADC250 for scintillator digitization. Added to TOF crate?


  • GUI for HV/LV control, values to EPICS data base, for muon chamber and scintillators
  • low level monitoring histograms, scaler display, for muon chamber and scintillators