CDC and FDC readout tests

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The goal is to take CDC data using the FDC amplitude mode (FDC_amp_short) which is data type 9, included in mode 5.

The reason for this is that we switched from using pulse integral to amplitude for the CDC dE/dx, and using the FDC_amp_short mode will give us an extra 3 bits to read out amplitude and an extra 2 for pedestal, but not read out the integral.


  • With beam, at the beginning of the run period:
  • 10 evio files (max 1h) in FDC_amp_short (mode 5) with abit=pbit=0 (no scaling down)
  • 10 evio files (max 1h) in CDC_short (mode 3) with abit=3 pbit=0
  • Runs must be done in the same conditions (weather & beam intensity). 1h per mode is assumed, but if things go well it will only take 10 mins .
  • Then for the rest of the run we should use FDC_amp_short (mode 5).

Naomi will look at the test data (the 1h of each mode as above). If there is any problem with it, we can switch back to CDC_short.