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  1. Better error checking to see if the requested variation exists in JANA/CCDB interface
    • When running JANA programs, I've seen crashes that were difficult to diagnose when I accidentially misspelled the variation name that was set, e.g. specifying CCDB variation "mc_6mev" instead of "mc_6gev" would produce segfaults.
    • On further investigation, it looks like it's more of a problem with how people are handling errors - probably should be dieing earlier earlier. Changed some code in sim-recon to handle this.
  2. Option to disable anonymous checkins from CCDB command line tool
    • Since the name associated with a change is taken from CCDB_USER, many people forget to properly set this (despite sustained nagging), which is beginning to make changes difficult to manage
  3. Better ability to search/filter the logs
  4. Name of person who made the change listed on the output of the "vers" command

Would Like in Future

  • While we're making feature suggestions, I've been working on looking at the run-by-run variation of the timing constants, which means that I've had to dump several tables out per run, which is a lot of calls to CCDB. I wonder if it would be possible/useful to implement one (or more) of the following:
    • a command that shows, for a given run range, variation, and timestamp, the various subranges that correspond to the same sets of constants. In principle one can do this from the information from the vers command, but it gets difficult when people add constants with overlapping ranges.
    • a command for more easily dumping/displaying time series data, e.g. outputting series of particular table elements for a given range of runs.
  • Improved find command