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  1. Possible new GlueX member institutions (Justin)
  2. Conflict of interest policy with respect to membership in multiple collaborations (Matt)
  3. The procedure used to ratify the findings of a physics review committee and voting on a draft of a publication in the Physics Working Group. Do we want to clarify anything at the bylaw level? (All)
  4. The issue of public vs. private documents in DocDB. How much do we want the world to see, and can we improve the method of assigning the status of a document? Is there a way to implement a functional change in DocDB? (Zisis, Reinhard)
  5. Speakers for upcoming conferences and meetings (Curtis)
  6. Promoting GlueX via social media: what has been done / where is it going? (Zisis, Reinhard)
  7. The bylaw that shifts obligation for GlueX shift taking from individuals to institutions. This was put to a vote and is really done at this point. Any final details to attend to? (Reinhard)