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Agenda of Board Meeting

  1. Call meeting to order (Chair: Volker)
  2. Fall 2016 Physics Run (Eugene)
    • Accelerator schedule, status of solenoid magnet, etc.
  3. Discussion of shift policy changes
    • Implementing credit for run coordinators
    • Synchronizing the membership list to the shift roster and removing the "no shifts" option
  4. First Publication(s)
  5. Manpower & Service Statements
  6. Membership Update (Curtis)
  7. Conferences & Workshops in 2017
  8. Updates on:
    1. Status of GlueX FDIRC (Matt)
    2. Status of FCAL insert
    3. Evolution from hdgeant to hdgeant4
    4. DocDB Migration
  9. Any other business
  10. Adjourn