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Seevogh phone bridge id for seevogh is: 15-4608

Collaboration Meeting

Visit the Meeting Agenda.

Agenda of Board Meeting

  1. Call meeting to order (Chair: Volker Crede)
  2. Project progress/timetables (Eugene)
  3. Progress in MOUs, contracts and procurement (Elton/Curtis)
  4. Membership update (Curtis)
  5. New membership (discussion)
    1. Tomsk State University (Russia), Contacts: Lyubovitskij (theory), Tolbanov (experiment)
  6. Role of theory group in GlueX (discussion) - some ideas
  7. Authorship and shift policies (discussion)
  8. Shift responsibilities (discussion)
  9. Goals for the next data challenge (discussion)
  10. Updates on:
    1. MOU on Joint Membership in the GlueX and PANDA Collaborations (Curtis)
    2. Evolution from hdgeant to hdgeant4 (Richard)
    3. Status of GlueX FDIRC Proposal (Matt)
    4. Procedure for editing the TDR
    5. Conferences in 2014
  11. Any other business
  12. Adjourn