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Seevogh phone bridge id for seevogh is: 15-4608

  1. Call meeting to order (Chair: Volker Crede)
  2. Project progress/timetables (Eugene)
  3. Progress in MOUs, contracts and procurement (Elton/Curtis)
  4. Authorship on upcoming proposals, publications, etc. (discussion)
  5. Membership update (Curtis)
  6. Evolution from hdgeant to hdgeant4 (Richard ?)
  7. Goals for the next data challenge (discussion)
  8. Status of PID options, components from BaBar (Curtis)
  9. Progress on TDR (Curtis)
  10. Summer mini-course on analysis tools and Boosted Decision Trees
  11. Conferences in 2013
  12. Any other business
  13. Adjourn