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  1. Call meeting to order (Chair: Z. Papandreou)
  2. Project progress/timetables (Eugene)
  3. Progress in MOUs, contracts and procurement (Elton/Curtis)
  4. TDR (Eugene)
  5. Membership and Email registry (Matt)
  6. New collaborators/threshold for joining (Curtis)
  7. Conference presence:
  8. Public relations for our project: posters, a.o. (Eugene, Curtis, Zisis)
  9. Image Repository: evaluating Picasa, Flicr, Drupal, Gallery, will report in January (Zisis)
  10. JLab Access:
    • Videoconferencing communications: any issues? (Curtis)
    • Wiki etc following hacking event: should we consider moving it off JLab-site? (Elton)
  11. Elections to replace outgoing members (Elton, Werner, Zisis)
  12. Any other business
  13. Adjourn