Bleed-through tests from other hall bunches

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  • While running at nominal conditions (current, radiator, converter) records values of scalers of interest, such as tagger, halo, beam profiler) and the Hall D beam current. Note that these scalers are also recorded in MYA archiver with certain deadbands, so these will be available for later inspections as well.
  • Request to turn our laser off while keeping our slit size open at the value it is set during nominal running.
  • The beam current for the halls whose bleed through is being investigated need to stay on. If we are interested in only bleedthrough from a single hall we should request the other halls lasers be shut off as well. To be able to do this the run coordinator should negotiate this with the other run coordinators.
  • Once Hall D lasers (and the lasers of other halls that are not being investigated) is off, record the scaler rates of the tagger counters, halo etc).
  • Calculate the bleedthrough current as the nominal current scaled by the scaler ratio. This can be done for multiple scalers and can be compared to determine the range of the bleed-through current.