BLTWG Meeting 5/29/2008

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  • Time: 10:00 EST
  • Place: EVO and ESNET
  • Present: Tim Stewart, Richard Jones


  1. Items from last week
  2. Discussion of the accelerator interface document
  3. Discussion of the updated pair spectrometer proposal
  4. Ken Livingston's proposed agreement for working with diamonds


1. Here are a couple of pictures of the simulated photon beam transverse profile downstream of the secondary collimator.

Prof2.gif Slice1.gif Slice1log.gif

2. Here is the link to Jim's Draft Accelerator Interface document. There was discussion of the beam energy spread specification. It was written as 0.5%, should be 0.1%. We also discussed the halo specification. It needs to be refined. R. Jones will read the document and send back feedback in the form of an annotated pdf before Sunday, June 1.

3. We discussed Jim's upcoming visit to BNL. He will be visiting the head of the detector group and talking about diamond machining and development within their group. It was suggested that he also visit with Dr Ben-Zvi about similar work going on in the context of high-performance polarized sources for future synchrotron radiation facilities. Jim will be going to the BNL user's group and come back over the weekend.

4. Jim will inquire at BNL for possible magnets to be used for the pair spectrometer or even the tagger. For the sweeps, we are waiting for a word from Alexander about what the field integral should be. Jim will invite him to our next biweekly group meeting to report on that issue. It is possible that we might be able to a permanent magnet for one of the sweeps.

5. Jim has received a draft of a revised pair spectrometer design from Hratchya. Jim will ask Hratchya if he would like to distribute it for feedback within the working group.

6. I will make contact with Elke myself to discuss the arrangements for working with the Glasgow diamonds.