BLTWG Meeting 5/1/2008

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  • Time: 10:00 EST
  • Place: EVO and ESNET
  • Present: Hakopian, Yang, Klein, Stewart, Jones


  1. Presentation by H. Hakopian on PS design
  2. Discussion of collaboration meeting schedule

PS Design - H. Hakopian

Hakopian introduced the two designs (see links above) he has produced for the pair spectrometer for Hall D. The first is based on a dipole design like that of the Primex pair spectrometer, which thinks is not an ideal design for Hall D, although it could be made to work. He has produced a second design, which is free from constraints of any existing dipole.

He requests that members of our group review these documents and provide feedback within the next few days. He will be coming to Newport News for the meeting next week, and agreed to make a presentation on his PS design work.

Agenda for Beamline/Tagger Session at May Meeting

On Friday, 5/9 we have 100 minutes or so. We decided to use the time as follows. R. Jones will chair the session, and Jim Stewart will lead the discussion period at the end.

  • 14:40 (20) Tagger and Beamline Design -- J. Stewart
  • 15:00 (20) Pair Spectrometer Design Proposal -- H. Hakopian
  • 15:20 (15) Tagging Near the End Point -- R. Jones
  • 15:35 (15) Coffee Break
  • 15:50 (25) Beamline Discussion -- Discussion Leader Jim Stewart