BLTWG Meeting 4/17/2008

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  • Time: 10:00 EST
  • Place: EVO and ESNET
  • Present:


  1. Draft of diamond MOU with U. of Glasgow
  2. Work by Jim on engineering design of photon beam line
  3. Progress on analysis of diamond X-ray measurements from 2008. [1]
  4. Draft design document of pair spectrometer by Hakopian
  5. Student R&D projects at UConn for summer and beyond
  6. Goals for the May collaboration meeting
  7. Future beam test needs
  8. Update on visit plans

Diamond MOU

  • acknowledge owner of diamonds is Element Six
  • acknowledge caretaker of diamonds is U. of Glasgow
  • list a set of 4-5 diamonds by ID that are of interest to Hall D
  • the purpose of R&D is discover how to thin them non-destructively how to mount them so they are free-standing and flat
  • intent of R&D plan is to produce crystals that are suitable for use as radiators, not to destroy them
  • there is some risk that diamonds might be damaged
  • in the case that a diamond is damaged, all fragments will be returned to U. of Glasgow with identification of which stone they came from
  • there is no implied commitment that Jlab will buy the diamonds
  • there is no implied commitment from Element Six that they are willing to sell them
  • there is no financial obligation to reimburse Element Six or Glasgow for diamonds that are damaged in conducting the R&D plan
  • duration of the MOU would be 3 years
  • the diamonds covered under this MOU would be transferred from Glasgow to the Hall D group leader, who would take responsibility for their disposition during the R&D period.