BLTWG Meeting 2/14/2008

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  • Time: 10:00 EST
  • Place: EVO and ESNET
  • Present:


  1. Answer from Glasgow regarding terms of use for diamonds
  2. Results from analysis of CHESS 2007 run data[1]
  3. Answers to questions from Ken Finkelstein (see below)
  4. The electron beam requirements document
  5. Review of progress on other subsystem specifications
  6. Date for meeting with machine experts
  7. Update on communications with YERPHI colleagues

CHESS results

News from Ken Finkelstein

  1. There will be a run, probably in April-May '08, and I hope we will know the official dates in a week or so. We could schedule time if it is useful, but read on.
  2. We are now redesigning C line and hope to make significant upgrades after the upcoming run. Given the changes we hope to make, it might make sense to wait on your further work because the changes should include much improved capability for orienting the first mono crystal. Roughly the plan involves:
    • complete rebuild of the mono and installation of beam diagnostics in the optics box,
    • install a white beam mirror for 1 to 1 vertical focusing (collimates, rejects harmonics, and reduces power on the first crystal)
    • extend the energy range for monochromatic beam down to 2KeV. This involves significant changes (e.g.capability to work w/o beryllium windows, a second mirror, and vacuum compatible optics) so this part might not be completed until next winter).
    • lengthening the station by moving the downstream wall to the CLEO pit.