BLTWG Meeting 08/17/2021

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  • Time: 1:30 EST
  • JLab meeting room: none
  • Connecting: detailed instructions are here
  • Conference id: 536076821


  1. Announcements
    • run planning meetings now daily at 8:45am
  2. Polarimetry
    • TPOL polarimetry update: File problems -- Michael Dugger
    • polarimetry from pair production
    • progress on CBSA calculations
    • polarimetry from hadron decays
  3. Photon beam simulations
    • hdgeant4 internal generator for mu+mu- pairs
    • new support for nuclear targets: e+e-, mu+mu- pair production
    • interest in other QED processes, eg. Compton?
  4. Photon beam systematics
    • tagging accidentals scaling factors
    • luminosity and flux normalization
    • updates to ccdb energy_calib for earlier run periods
    • reminder of Task Force: plan for writeup of current systematics
  5. Diamond radiators
    • X-ray rocking curve run at CLS, planned for fall, 2021
    • order samples from HPHT diamond vendor? -- Richard
    • other topics?
  6. Any other business