BLTWG Meeting 06/06/2016

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  • Time: 11:30 EDT
  • Connecting: detailed instructions are here
  • Conference id: 536076821
  • Present: James M., Brendan P., Dan S., Alex B. Nathan S., Justin S., Elton S., Richard J., Michael D., Franz K., Elton S., Sascha S, Tim W. and Eugene C.


  1. Announcements
  2. Access to complete set of PS triggers for S2016 run -- Richard J.
    • 246 runs, 19061 files, 18 TB
    • now available by gridftp from UConn
  3. Readiness for first REST production of S2016 data
    • Update on TAGH calibrations - Nathan S.
    • Update on the TAGM calibrations - Alex B.
    • Update on the PS calibrations - Alex B.
  4. Update on diamond radiator fabrication - Brendan P.
  5. Update on microscope fiber production and QA - James M.
  6. Prospects for X-ray beam time this summer - Richard J., Brendan P.
  7. TPOL updates - M.Dugger, N. Sparks
  8. Updates on beam polarization synthesis - Justin S
  9. Any other business