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Present: M.D., A.D., J.S., S.Š


    • Quorum: do we need to write a GDH-specific appeal letter?
    • Elton's comments (only one from the collaboration so far).
    • Goal: submit the proposal sometimes Friday 19th (best) or this week end (acceptable), or Monday before 8am (deadline). What's left to be done for the proposal to be ready?

  • M.D:
    • Provided estimate for the trigger rates and trigger+tagger rates from BH and Compton. Large rates are found, limiting our DAQ rate and reducing our stats by a factor of 0.36.
    • Implemented some of Elton's comments.

  • S.Š:
  • J. S.:
  • A. D.:
    • Wrote to the collaboration re. new version of the proposal. (No reply at all.)
    • Added a small discussion on polarized background (Polarized Compton background is nearly fully suppressed because of the GDH SR on electron and because it's integrant is significant only near the electron mass << our nu)
    • Implemented Mark's results on BH and Compton background in the proposal. In particular, we now have a decent section on unpolarized backgrounds rather than a space-holder.
    • Updated the figures, photon flux used, accidental background, precision reached, run-time discussions to account of the ~2/3 drop in statistics.
    • We now propose to run 10 days at 4 GeV instead of 5 days (12 GeV run remains at 17 days).
    • Implemented some of Elton comments left after Mark's pass at them.
    • Starting to look at additional forms for the proposal:
      • Physics Category: hadron spectra as probe of QCD, or long structure of hadrons
      • Major installation:
        • Hall D FROST target.
        • How about Moller?
        • Does electron helicity monitoring count as major equipment?
          • Not too costly, a few $10k, but will need accelerator and possibly electronic group support. => Mention it in the form.
        • Should we mention the beam hardener? What else?
      • hazard:
        • electrical equipment, beamline magnet…all usual stuff… do we need to mention them?
        • target magnet
      • Computing req. list.
        • Add Silo/Mass Storage (Tape)
        • Add Amount of Simulated Data Expected
        • Add Amount of Raw Data Expected(TB)
        • Add Amount of Processed Data Expected(TB)
        • Add Online Storage Disk Required (TB)
        • Add Imported Data Expected from Offsite Institution
        • Add Exported Data Expected to Offsite Locations
        • Computing
        • Add Simulation Requirements(SPEC CINT 2000hrs)
        • Add Production(Replay, Analysis, Cooking) Requirements (SPEC CINT 2000hrs)
        • Other special request to IT?