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Present: M.D., A.D., S.Š


  • M.D:
    • Mark extracted the cross section difference for Bethe Heitler electron pairs from Richard Jones 's tree level calculation. The values are shown here (Black: All pairs; Red: Triggered pairs; Green: Tagged pairs; Blue: Tagged and triggered pairs). They are very small: about +0.01 μb for the triggered+tagged pairs, compared to the typical -4.5 μb (+9 μb) expected for Δσ the proton (neutron).
    • Got the event generator written by Simon and will see if it is consistent with Richard Jones generator.
  • S.Š:
    • Sent his latest BH event generator to Mark.
  • J. S.: Performing empty target analysis in order to assess the electromagnetic background from nuclei (12C, 16O). A significant rate is seen coming from material after the target, but more analysis is needed.
  • A. D.: Added a part on the proposal that discussed the GDH checks from low Q^2 measurements (pages 10-11 of the current proposal version).