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Trying to run pre-built binaries on slainte.jlab.org which runs RedHat Enterprise 4.

Linux slainte 2.6.9-55.0.2.EL #1 Tue Jun 12 17:47:10 EDT 2007 i686 athlon i386 GNU/Linux


environment set-up

The uname used in the suggested environment gives "athlon" as the architecture and there are no pre-built versions for athlon. Used the i686 architecture instead.

setenv HALLDROOT /group/halld/Software/builds/build_2007-08-06
setenv HALLDOS `uname -s`-`uname -m`
eval `addpath.pl $HALLDROOT/bin/$HALLDOS`

get files for local directory

cp $HALLDROOT/src/programs/Simulation/HDGeant/control.in .
cp $HALLDROOT/src/programs/Simulation/HDGeant/solenoid.map .
cp $HALLDROOT/src/programs/Simulation/HDGeant/fdc_deflections.dat .

The last one is not mentioned on the web page.

three files are created



Does not exist in pre-compiled area


Gives error:

> hd_dump
hd_dump: error while loading shared libraries: libCore.so.5.14: cannot
open shared object file: No such file or directory

This is a root shared library. It is not in the CUE root build for RHEL4.