July 15, 2021 CPP Design Meeting

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Meeting Time and Place

Thursday July 15, 2021, 3:00pm Bluejeans https://bluejeans.com/465620466

  • Present - Elton, Dave, Stephanie, Ilya, Rory, Mark S, Beni, Simon, Mark I


  • Minutes from last meeting https://halldweb.jlab.org/wiki/index.php/July_01,_2021_CPP_Design_Meeting
  • OSP/Testing status - Beni
  • DS chamber clearance
    • Cpp HVwire.pdf
    • Cpp bolt.pdf
  • Design/Fab/Procurement status
    • Installation/assy dwgs
    • Stand
    • Steel
    • Fcal platform mods
  • Things to work out
    • Gas system, manifold/bubblers (Beni has some)
    • Complete structural analysis
    • Develop Detailed installation plan
    • Develop Design/operational/Maintenance Requirements
    • Modified US vacuum system
    • Solid target installation
    • Installation drawing including Microscope move
    • CPP Detector operations in Hall D OSP
    • Possible use of nitrogen flow for cooling electronics in Faraday cage

Minutes and Action Items

  • Discussed testing in EEL 126 - Rory will come Monday and meet Beni to get things rolling. The scintillator paddles and table are in EEL and the gas is hooked up.
  • Discussed the 2 most downstream chambers and how far apart they need to be. Pictures showed that 1.5" will be enough to clear wires. The holes attaching the 2 chmbers will be drilled through (1/4") on one chamber for a clearance hole. Rory asked that we do not use the upper side holes to connect the 2 chambers together as a good tight screw is needed to keep the enclosure a good Faraday cage.We also discussed that the grounding wires loop over the top of the enclosure and the enclosure is fastened to the chamber by removing existing countersunk screws and installing hex heads. Stephanie noted that the 3D model has M6 screws, Rory believes all are 1/4-20.
  • Should be ready soon to cut the holes in the FCAL platform for CPP stand clearance
  • It was reported the absorber steel had arrived at the vendor but Stephanie was given mis-information. It should arrive soon

Action Items

  • Tim to verify 1/4-20 hardware = yes
  • Beni to meet Rory at EEL Monday
  • Stephanie to use TOF paddles for 3D model of Scintillator paddles