JEF meeting, August 5, 2022

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Meeting time and location=

  • 9:30 am EST (JLab time) remote only
  • Zoom meeting ID: 161 050 9142 Passcode: 004965


  • Simulations/Analysis
  • Preparation of parts for FCAL2 modules -- Sasha
  • Module fabrication -- Sasha
    • Received 85 PMT housings from Tim, they have been honed by Bobby. All of them will be used today.
    • Status of fabrication
    • Fabricated modules: Total 1121
    • Clean room EEL126 [5][6]
      • Expect to move to the new lab EEL108 (the same building) [7]
      • Work on amending safety docs
  • Light Monitoring System -- Arshak


Attendees: Phil, Tegan, Zisis, Liping, Jon, Olga, Jane, Susan, Sasha, S.T.

  • Simon presented slides by Igal that compared the performance of the new implementation of the Island Algorithm (IA) for FCAL1/2 to the default (DA) FCAL1 algorithm
    • Looked at close clusters with one cluster energy fixed and varying energies of the second cluster, measuring the separation for the cases where 2 showers were returned by the reconstruction code
      • The maximum efficiency, especially for the FCAL1 case, is measurably lower than one for all separations (probably due to material before the FCAL)
      • For IA, the separation at which the efficiency drops off for smaller separations depends on the relative energy between the two clusters
      • The log-weighting method does not work properly for either DA or IA
      • The center-of-gravity weighting method for DA leads to multiple humps in the reconstructed separation distribution for FCAL2
    • Igal also looked at separations using the CCAL shower code with a large CCAL replacing the FCAL
      • log- and center-of-gravity weighting look the same
      • Sees a bias away from true separations at lower separations
      • Maximum efficiency higher than FCAL1/2 results; could be due to material
      • (After the meeting) results don't seem to agree with previous results from Ilya using HyCAL data
  • Preparation/Construction of FCAL2 modules continues
    • Received 25 modules from Crytur, expect more in the future, ~50 /month
    • Light guides coming next month
    • PMT housings arrived
    • Brass straps no longer bottleneck
    • 664 Crytur crystals now wrapped
    • Grand total of fabricated modules up to 1121
      • Have components for module fabrication for 33/133 remaining crystals
  • Plan to move to new area in EEL, currently not ready
  • PMT dividers will be ordered next fiscal year
    • NPS see noise issues, but they are using a larger amplifier gain than we anticipate
    • GWU to help out with divider studies
  • Plan to meet with Tim regarding installation schedule for next year
    • Frame design finalized
    • Also need to discuss cabling with Fernando -- thickness of cables, stress relief
  • Refurbishment of lead glass blocks, Cockroft-Walton bases?
  • Budget for next year needs to include money for LMS, also spare crystals?