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GlueX Collaboration Meeting

May 21 to 23, 2012 at Jefferson Lab

The following template has been set up to allow people to identify what needs to be presented at the meeting. It has been roughly broken out by working group with suggestions for topics within each group. The working group chairs should work on adding the relevant talks with an estimated time (including questions) and the speaker's name. If there is a talk that does not fit into this template, please add it at the bottom.


Everyone participating in the collaboration meeting whether in person at JLab or remotely via electronic media are encouraged to register. Please visit the Registration Page.

To see who else will be attending either in person or via electronic media, please see the Current List of Participants Page

(Dinner info available on restricted page.)


CEBAF Center F326

Remote Access

  1. ESNET: 8542553
  2. EVO: Room Booked under GlueX, entitled GlueX Collaboration Meeting
  3. Telephone: EVO telephone bridge -- see Remote Access Instructions for Collaboration Meeting, January 28-30, 2010 for detailed instructions for connecting to EVO.

Talks on the DocDB

The DocDB talk-upload template for the May 2012 Collaboration Meeting can be found here:

Upload your talks at the link above and then edit the agenda below to enter the appropriate link to your talk based on its DocDB document number.

Example (from the May 2008 meeting):

  • 15:15 Session I (90) --- Offline Working Group Meeting --- Chair Curtis Meyer

= AGENDA = Full Agenda on DocDB

Monday May 21, 2012

Tuesday May 22, 2012

Wednesday May 23, 2012

  • 8:30 Session Va (90) --- Physics - (Organizer: Ryan Mitchell) - Chair: E. Wolin
    • 8:30 (30) --- Update on the CLAS g12 3pi PWA (Paul Eugenio)
    • 9:00 (30) --- Update on Cascade Simulations (Nathan Sparks)
    • 9:30 (30) --- Baryon-antiBaryon Photoproduction (Lei Guo)
    • 10:00 (30) Coffee
  • 10:30 Session Vb (75) --- Software Review - Chair: M. Shepherd
  • 11:45 Session Vb (45) --- Business Meeting - (Organizer Curtis Meyer) - Chair: Z. Papandreou
  • 12:30 --- Adjourn